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Anal Play

Despite the taboo associated with it, anal sex can be quite pleasurable for both men (straight or gay alike) and women due to the number of nerve endings in the rectum. You read that correctly, anal stimulation can be pleasurable for almost anyone.

Some ground rules:

Communication is key

  • Do not assume that your partner is "up for this"
  • Explain why this is of interest to each other.
  • Do some research together and learn more about why others enjoy it.
Both parties must be interested.
    • While there is room for discussion and persuasion in any aspect of a relationship, this is one of those areas where both partners should respect each others' limits.
    • Do not try to sneak this in and say "Oops" - this is not only impolite and uncomfortable, it is just plain wrong.
          • Yes, we are talking about the butt. And we realize what its main job is.
          • A lot of people are afraid that they will poop while they are having anal sex.
          • If you are worried about making a mess, you can take precautions.
          • Remember that unless you are ill (in which case you are unlikely to want to have any sex), you should have warning of any imminent accidents or movements.
          • There are a number of Ergoflo items which we offer that are helpful in cleaning out your bowels.
          • Never insert anything (toy, finger, penis, etc.) into the vagina immediately after it was in the rectum. You must clean it thoroughly before inserting into vagina to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria or infection.
          Lubrication is necessary
          • Unlike the vagina, the rectum is not self-lubricating
          • It is absolutely critical that you utilize an abundant amount of lubrication.
          • Because you will not likely want to re-apply the lubricant repeatedly, silicone lubes are recommended for their longevity and comfort.
          • You may also use a hybrid (silicone and water) lubricant.
          • Make sure that whatever lubricant you use is conducive to the material of either the toy or condom involved.
          • Avoid using lubricants containing glycerin or other sugar-like substances as they can promote infections.
          Go slow
          • Rectal muscles are naturally tight and unaccustomed to stretching for prolonged periods of time
          • Rectal muscle tissue can tear easily and cause fissures so do not rush.
          • You will want to start out gently.
          • Communicate throughout to make sure that both partners are comfortable.
          Beads can be a more gradual and gentler introduction to anal play because they are often designed with increasing sized beads.Whats more, they are often much smaller than plugs though they do not allow for as much manual control as as a plug or other rigid toy.
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            Pegging is :the act of a woman using a strap-on attachment to have anal sex with a man.'" (Source: Doc Johnson) Let's clarify a couple of things:
            1. Women who use strap-ons do not secretly want to be men
            2. Heterosexual men who enjoy a woman's use of a strap-on with them are not necessarily gay (and what if they are?)
            This is another way that many couples have chosen to explore and push some boundaries. Again strap-ons come in various styles. Check our our selection here.
            Butt plugs are devices designed to serve a number of purposes including:
            • Penetration (anal primarily but also vaginal) both during sex and not
            • Many butt plugs are shaped and designed so that they can be used for clitoral or vaginal stimulation as well.
            • Some women find the presence of a plug in their anus during vaginal sex to be very satisfying, more so when it vibrates. The vibrations can be stimulating for both partners
            • Help prepare partners for anal play
            • Designed to be worn discretely throughout the day, they can stretch the muscles around the anus so they can more easily accommodate a more substantial penetration for more advanced play.

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            Analingus (a.k.a. Rim Jobs)
            "Rimming...is when you kiss, lick and/or penetrate your lover's anal opening with your tongue." (Source: Doc Johnson) Safety and hygiene are critical here. Refer to our article on Oral Sex. Remember you are dealing with an inherently bacteria-filled area of the body. That does not mean that this is off-limits or that you can not have fun,
            Anal Play is for (Straight) Men Too  Prostate Play

            Source: http://minimemedia.com/prostate-milking/Frequent ejaculations (21 or more monthly) can reduce a man's risk of prostate cancer by as much as 33%. Milking the prostate is a method for removing stagnant semen from the prostate gland which can reduce the likelihood of potentially harmful bacteria from forming. Milking the prostate, particularly during oral sex, has been known to increase the intensity male orgasm. We highly recommend using generous amounts of lube and if you are concerned about making a mess, use a glove.

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            Anal Sex
            The tips above apply to inserting a penis into the rectum as well. Go slow, be safe, etc. The key to enjoyable anal sex is position. One of our suppliers, LELO offers a series of top five positions for anal sex. While we do not hold a firm opinion on the accuracy of these ratings, we do believe that you should consider these and try multiple positions to maximize your pleasure, just as you would for any sexual activity.
            Some helpful training from Ducky Doolittle...
            What not to insert in your butt...

            We love this video from our friends at TANTUS.

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