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Interview with Klaus Lennard Petersen of Male Edge and Jes Extender

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If you have spent more than five minutes on the internet, you have likely seen an ad offering a new way to make a penis bigger. Usually these solutions involve some blend of herbs, minerals, vitamins, and sometimes dangerous medications. We offer a drug-free, non-invasive, scientifically proven way to increase the length of your favorite penis - Male Edge.

We sat down with Klaus Lennard Pedersen, Managing Partner at DanaLife ApS, the maker of Male Edge products for a discussion of his company, their products and the role they play in improving not only sexual experience but more significantly self-confidence.

Started in 1994 by a surgeon and urologist, DanaLife set out to re-design a penile traction device to improve post-surgery recovery. To secure approval as a medical device in Europe however, they required extensive testing which included a control group of men who had not undergone surgery. In reviewing the results from the testing, the control subjects reported no side effects save one - larger penises.

At first, the researchers were skeptical, assuming that these changes were temporary. After study over numerous months, the changes remained. In 1998 they documented the results of their study and cited three benefits of their new device; improved recovery, effective treatment for Peyronie's disease, and enlargement.

The penis growth is a result of a natural process known as cytokinesis which is how cells divide and grow to accommodate external change. By stretching the penis slightly for a period of time, the brain reacts by creating new cells to relieve the tension from being stretched.

This is very much like lifting muscles in which you tear down muscles and then the body rebuilds them. Doing this consistently results in additional cells closing those "gaps" and overall penis enlargement. For that reason, Pedersen describes the Male Edge system as a "personal training device."

The main appeal to the product is improved self-image and self-confidence. According to Pedersen, "The main issue of why [men] are buying is not sex...79% of men said they will buy the product because they feel inferior to other men...Most guys suffer from an inferiority complex...[which we call] the 'Locker Room Complex'."

Pedersen said that they do not show before and after pictures on their website but they maintain contact with about 20,000 customers. This allows his  company to understand long-term results of product use as well as effect on lifestyle and self-esteem. "It doesn't change your sex life...what we are selling is self-confidence" he explained.

Penis enlargement methods often focus on length. What about girth? Male Edge does not guarantee increased girth as a result. But on average their customers see a gain of 19%.

What about sensitivity? Are the tissue expands, the nerve tissue also expands. Contrary to what one might assume, the sensitivity of the penis actually increases with tissue growth and expansion.

How does Male Edge stack up against other methods like pills and pumps? Male Edge's response is basically go ahead and buy a pump if you want to be bigger now but tomorrow you will shrink back to where you were. Pills may increase blood flow and size but are not consistent. The only evidence-based method which has actually proven effective is the Male Edge/Jes Extender traction system.

Gaining acceptance in the American market continues to be a challenge as does FDA recognition as a sexual aide despite the fact their products' conformance to rigorous European standards for consumer health devices. If a well-known retired professional athlete were to appear on a talk show and admit to having felt insecure in the locker room, Pedersen thinks the market would explode. His thinking is sound when one considers the increase in sales when VIAGRA™ secured celebrity endorsements from Hugh Hefner, Jimmy Jones, James Caan to name a few.

Unlike erectile dysfunction (ED) which is a naturally occurrence of age or subscription medication, “Locker Room Complex” is more a state of mind and perception which still carries a taboo.

One of the advantages which Male Edge enjoys is that their products must conform to strict European statutes that regulate the materials which are used in the composition of sexual aides. This means that their products will automatically enter the U.S. market with a recognized and validated quality.

First, all of ME's products use only medical grade metals. They use a brass base and cover with a surgical grade nitinol. Even in some of their more recent models where they have used lighter polymer components, DanaLife uses a proprietary blend of pharmaceutical grade Polyoxymethylene (POM).

DanaLife has to contend with a growing number of cheaper knock-offs made with materials that are unsafe and could risk serious injury. These inferior products unfortunately hurt their reputation.

When asked if there is one thing he wants customers to know about their products that is not illustrated in their literature, Pedersen says that Male Edge/Jes Extender is "There is no stopping it...the gift that keeps going." Men can theoretically use this indefinitely.

Check out our Male Edge Collection here.

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