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Danica Dane

We got a chance to talk with adult film performer, Danica Dane, who combines muscles with sexuality. A relative newcomer, Danica has started to build a following among fans who appreciate a woman not only gifted with sensual allure but a physical strength as well.



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How long have you been in the adult film industry?  How did you get into it?

I have been in the adult industry part time for about 3 years now. A week from today will actually be the 3 yr anniversary. I started corresponding with Nina Hartley after working with someone who tragically screwed me over.  Nina guided me, showed me how to keep this as a way to explore my sexuality, all while maintaining my personal training career

How has your experience affected your view on sexual wellness and intimacy?

Sexual wellness and health is extremely important to me. I always require my scene partner to show me their test and I of course provide the same for them. As Nina has said, “sanitary is a state of fact and dirty is a state of mind”. I’m always aware of my status. It’s good to know you’re able to have fun while being safe about it. 

What do you look for in fellow performers? How does this differ (if at all) from partners in your personal life?

First off, I look for professional and hard working individuals like myself. While it is fun, it is still a job and should be conducted in a professional manner. In my personal life, I like a partner who is open to exploration, non judgemental, passionate and an overall fun time. If I had to get specific and give you a breakdown of what I like in a physical appearance, I do love muscle head men!

Your performances seem to focus on BDSM. How did you arrive at this? What kind of experiences have you had?

Funny story. I was at the Exxxotica convention in 2014 in Edison, NJ. I was rooming with a friend and also a performer, Sara Vibes (@saravibesxxx on twitter) and we had a connecting room with Nina Hartley. The two are both experienced in the BDSM department and they used me as their canvas for the evening. I knew I liked it from then on and am glad I had them to introduce me to it. 

You seem to have struck up a working relationship with Ernest Greene and his wife, Nina Hartley. Do you enjoy working with them? What do they bring to those scenes?

Yes! While I have never worked for Ernest, I can say he is great man with great talent. I also suggest anyone reading this check out his book "Master of O". Nina is a class act. She is probably the most intelligent woman I know who has acted as an excellent mentor to me! Working with Nina is always fun! We have shot a few trade clips. The older woman/younger girl thing seems to be big these days 

Have you learned anything from your experiences in adult film that has perhaps enhanced your private sex life? If so, can you share those with our customers?

The biggest thing I have learned is: communication is key. This is vital for any scene, but it has also been vital for my private life. If you dont say youre uncomfortable...your partner will never know. We're all adults. Speak up. Say what you feel and everything will be much simpler. 

How do fitness and sexual wellness complement one another in your personal life?

Well for one, I like to stay in shape for when I am on camera. Also, the "muscle girl" trend is huge these days and I frequently get emails from men who "worship" these types of girls. Secondly, Ive really been able to connect with my fan base through online training and help a ton of them reach their fitness goals, which is always fulfilling to me! 
I have heard that because of their careers, other models encounter issues with simple things like personal banking. What kinds of difficulties or misconceptions do you encounter as a result of your career?

None. If anything I have learned to balance my finances more. But then again, I always like to be on top of that and am quite frugal when it comes to dishing out money on unnecessary purchases. I find it really sad when a girl has a brand new Michael Kors bag, but no health insurance. 

Are there toys or special techniques which you like to incorporate in your performances? If so, which ones?

Toys: this suction machine thing located in Nina's dungeon. Clearly, I can only use it when I shoot with her...but its everything

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